Company Profile


21st Century Solutions using 21st Century Technologies.
Infoserve International Inc. is a high technology developer and supplier of integrated software products for banking and financial institutions that include Universal Banks, Commercial Banks, Thrift Banks and Savings and Loans Associations.Established in 1980, the company pioneered the development of PC and Microsoft-based applications for various industries such as banking and finance, manning agencies, hospitals, hotels, manufacturing and trading. In September of 1984, the company concentrated on developing banking system solutions and spun off its other product lines to affiliates.

The company is a market leader in the Philippines where it enjoys a growing number of commercial and universal banks among its clients numbering more than 70 banks with a combined network of over 700 branches. Infoserve expanded its business to Indonesia in 1993 resulting in obtaining two Indonesian banks with a combined network of more than 60 branches, thus proving that the company has the technology and know-how to work with foreign partners and clients.

Business alliances with Microsoft, IBM, Compaq, NCR and other leading computer companies give Infoserve a distinctive competence in products, services and advances in research and development based on Microsoft and the Internet. Infoserve’s products are unrivaled in efficiency for high speed, high volume financial transactions and innovation. Spending more than a decade in banking has provided our people with the competent skills in product implementation, conversion, systems integration, project management and support services.