Bancserv ®

BANCSERV® is a World Class Branch Delivery System fully dedicated to Banking Systems innovation.

A committed partner as you build your automated branch network.

System Features
Microsoft Windows® GUI Technology
Web-enabled, Browser-ready
Open Architecture
Multiple Password System
Integrated CIF
Electronic Inter-branch Memo
Handling of No Passbook Transactions
File Transfer Facility
MICR / Card Reader Facility
  Remote Override Facility  
  Picture and Signature Verification System  
Inter-Branch Facility  
  Financial Transactions  
  Miscellaneous Transactions  
  Administrative Transactions  
  Loan Application  
  Loan Payments / Loan Release  
  Online Account Inquiries  
  Online Account Maintenance  
  Teller / Branch Totals for Balancing  
  Account Opening  
  Error Correction  
  Passbook Maintenance  
  Store and Forward Facility  
  Post-dated Check Warehousing Facility  

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