Megacif ®

MEGACIF® is an innovative file system designed to manage customer relationships.
It consolidates all the data and other relevant information pertaining to a client in one centralized record.

  Collateral and Insurance Management
    - Captures and maintains collateral data for tracking and compliance purposes.
    - Automatic insurance premium computation and printing of notices on maturing insurance to be sent to clients.
  Central Liability Management
    - Cost tracking and profitability analysis integration.
    - Co-maker and guarantor record management.
    - Manages total loan availments and exposure as to credit lines.
  Basic Information
    - Classifies client as individual or corporate.
    - Individual client’s background as to personal, job history, finance, assets, bank accounts, credit standing, affiliations, etc.
    - Corporate client’s data includes detailed financial background, dealings, credit status and worthiness, authorized signatories and information on shareholders / partners, etc.
    - Helps account officers apply suitable investment proposal.
  Address Book
    - Unlimited number of alternate mailing addresses with status facility.
    - Categorically configured as to domicile/ legal/ business/ offices/ law firms/ accounting offices and other destinations and even holidays and events addresses.
  Signature Card
    - Electronically scans and captures signature card. Verifies client signature on-line as he/ she makes transaction in any branch.
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