Megateller ®

A GUI-based, multilingual branch tellering system enhanced by imaging technology for signature and picture verification.

  System Features
  Complete Branch Tellering System
Caters to all types of bank products such as Deposits, Loans, Trusts, etc.
  Picture and Signature Verification System
    - Makes use of messaging technology. Faster and more efficient image retrieval.
  Mini-Loans Tellering System
    - Loan Amortization Inquiry, Loan payment with auto debit from loan account and/ or deposit account.
  Linkable to MICR or Card Reader
    - ATM Cards, Smart Cards, Auto Debit Cards and Credit Cards can be read from, as well as automatically displays client information.
  Multiple Password System for Robust Security
    - User level can be defined with particular access to the MEGATELLER®. Supervisor Approval on a per transaction basis.
  Store and Forward Facility
    - Give your branches the power to accept transactions even if connection to the Host is down. Validation of financial transactions are provided. Teller/ Branch totals are available for balancing.
    - New transactions can be defined without program modifications. Current set-up can be easily changed. Changes take effect immediately.
  Open System
    - All transactions are done through messaging making it open to any Host System.
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