Megadeposit ®

MEGADEPOSIT® is the next generation Web architected large scale Online Deposit System designed to replace the legacy mainframe-based systems.

MEGADEPOSIT® provides facilities for customization and flexiblity for   defining almost limitless deposit products.

System Features
Graphic User Interface (GUI) operation
Ease of use
Gives the user visual appreciation while using the system.
Supports “three-tier architecture” for true scalability in demanding
Works with most high performance Enterprise RDBMS such as IBM
DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase and INFORMIX.
Can be easily interfaced with tellering systems from various banking
system developers.

Other Features
Parameter Table Maintenance Account Opening
Financial Transactions Inter-branch Transactions
Miscellaneous Transactions Automatic Account Validations
Administrative Transactions Account Inquiry Transactions
Account Maintenance Fully Automatic Batch
Transactions Processing
Report Generation Sweep Transfer Facility
Automatic Transfer of Fund Pre-Arranged Transfer
Facility Facility
Bills Purchase Facility Electronic Clearing Systems

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